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I AM fashion.

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I don’t do fashion; I am fashion.


Trés á la mode

I’ve skipped all the way to page 258 in my French textbook to become au fait with some words for clothing, and it’s got my knickers in a knot.

Some, thankfully, are cognates. Dieu merci! Remember their gender and we’re golden:

un pantalon = pants
un jean
= jeans
des sandales
= sandals
des bottes
= boots
des tennis
= tennis shoes (sneakers)
un polo
= a polo shirt
une veste
= a vest
un sweat
= a sweatshirt
un tee shirt
un short

Others make very good sense, so they, too, are easy to learn:

un pull = a pullover (sweater/jumper)
un manteau
= a coat, i.e., old English “mantle”
une robe
= a dress
une ceinture = a belt (who doesn’t want a cinched in waist?)
une cravate = a tie (we English speakers think of a specific kind of tie as a cravat)
un maillot de bain = a swimsuit (we use maillot to refer to one-piece ladies’ swimsuits; the french term is more general and includes men’s trunks)


Some words are just plain cute:

des chaussettes = socks
des chaussures
= shoes
des lunettes
= glasses (little moons?)
des lunettes de soleil
= sunglasses (little moons that block the sun)

And some are crazy mixed up:

une chemise (feminine) = a men’s shirt
un chemisier (masculine)
= a ladies’ blouse
un blouson
= a jacket for either men or women