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Tempting temps

Today was very spring-like. The French word for spring is printemps, the charming prince of temperatures.

I’ve seen the word temps a few times in my studies, sometimes referring to the weather:

Quel temps fait-il au printemps? What’s the weather like in spring?

Il fait beau temps. The weather is fine.

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

L’Air du Temps. The prevailing atmosphere.

And sometimes referring to time:

Je suis pressé par le temps. I’m pressed for time.

de temps en temps … from time to time

juste à temps … in the nick of time (just in time!)

When both are used together, the resulting rhyme is quite poetic:

“C’est le printemps
L’printemps tout l’temps avec toi”
— Richard Petit, “Le Printemps”

~ It’s spring / spring all the time with you. ~

A springy playlist of French music: Enfin le Printemps! at



Stacey Kent

Stacey Kent— jazz singer extraordinaire, gorgeous voice, super smart, CUTE hair— she’s got a lot to offer. And her latest album, The Changing Lights, comes out in America today. Je suis enthousiaste!*

From her website:

Having lived and studied in Paris, like her Grandfather before her, Stacey grew up steeped in French music and literature.  …  Her 2003 album ‘The Boy Next Door’, reached GOLD STATUS in France and her new album includes some of her favourite French songs, this time by songwriter, Serge Gainsbourg.

French songs! If you’re still searching for a valentine for your sweetheart, this could be perfect. Here’s a little sample:

*Note: Speaking of sweethearts, I have learned that to say “je suis excité” conveys a more private form of excitement en français. Appropriate for the bedroom, not for the concert hall.