Jour de neige

Snow day!

After yesterday’s balmy weather, we got a surprise today.

Snow (neige), hail (grêle), sleet (neige fondue), rain (pluie), wind (vent), fog (brouillard).

Neige fondue! (Melted snow.) So edible! If we had such a nice English name for sleet, I might not mind it so much. Regardless of what you call it, it is a cold and ugly day… which means the weather is perfect for staying in and sipping chocolat chaud.

Here is a lovely (and timely) picture book by Komako Sakaï called Jour de neige (Snow Day).


That night, a lot of snow fell… and the school bus is stuck.


We even made snow creatures.

Neige is pronounced nehzh. Another (near) Spanish cognado – nieve.

The Spanish of sleet is aguanieve. “Water-snow.” Again, perfectly descriptive, although maybe not quite as tempting as neige fondue.

I think some melted cheese would go nicely with this chocolat…


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