Words with feline friends

L’Académie française is one of five academies of L’Institut français. It’s 40 members, known as Les Immortels (The Immortals!), act as “official guardians of the french language,” deciding which words stay, which words go, and which foreign words should be blacklisted and replaced by french equivalents.

It’s pretty impressive they go to all this trouble to protect their heritage and language, and I for one am glad, because how disappointing would it be to finally get to France, only to hear everyone speaking English?

But apparently a majority of french people pay little or no attention to the recommendations. It was kind of a joke when they tried to replace the twitter “hashtag” with “mot-dièse.

I wonder if anybody checks their courriel instead of email.

Hashtag French

My cat makes me happy. You, not so much. Mort de rire!

A sad exemple de mots supprimés (example of deleted words) from Le Dictionnaire de L’Académie Française:

minon. m. Nom d’amitié que les enfants donnent aux chats.

“Name of the friendship that children give to cats.”

Pourquoi dans le monde
would they get rid of such a lovely mot?
I know not.


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