Essential French

If I woke up this morning fluent in one foreign language, it would be French.

But then that would take away all the fun of learning, and I love the process of acquiring the language as much as the idea of being fluent someday. There is beauty in the becoming as much as in the achieving, just as there is beauty in the rosebud before it fully blooms.

Instant proficiency would also take away a lot of fun for my fluent friends when I use the wrong word. And I wouldn’t trade giving them that experience for anything. Like the time I wanted to say I felt embarrassed in Spanish and accidentally announced I was pregnant. (Then I really needed the word for embarrassed!)


Here’s today’s lundi livre.

Usborne books have long been favorites at our house, ever since I got my first copy of First Thousand Words in Spanish. Right now I’m loving the French Dictionary. It’s tiny, but packs a lot of usefulness into a small space. (Fits in my bag and even some pockets.)

It’s got helpful guides to basics like counting and a few must-have phrases (Les toilettes, s’il vous plaît?); sections for looking up English words to find the French equivalent and vice versa; and a handy little two page spread called “Getting By in French” that is worth the price of admission all on its own. (It covers the bottom line on verb conjugation; how to ask questions; when/how to shorten je, de, and ne; and tips on pronunciation.)

It’s in the children’s section of our local shop. They don’t currently carry First Thousand Words in French, but I’ll be on the lookout.

Usborne Essential French Dictionary, 64 pages, £5.99.

Very excited about today’s Daily Prompt: Take That, Rosetta. I hope to find other Francophiles to follow!


One thought on “Essential French

  1. microrrelatososhortstories

    My essentials are: a fabulous guide to French Idioms, my Larousse French Conjugaisons (which I use along with my Spanish Larousse Guide to Verbos conjugados) and my Spanish-French dictionary… I absolutely agree with you learning the language is as much fun as actually one day speaking it 🙂 Alexandra

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