French at the Olympics

The French have long loved the Olympic Games. French is even the official language of the Olympics. Be sure to listen during the Opening Ceremony tomorrow night (7:30 EST). You’ll get to hear many country names as they are pronounced en français!

The very first Jeux Olympiques d’hiver (Winter Olympic Games) were held in France— in Chamonix, in 1924. France has hosted a total of five Olympic Games (second only to aux Etats-Unis, the United States, which has hosted eight times): 1900 Summer Olympics, in Paris; 1924 Olympics, d’hiver (winter) in Chamonix and été (summer) in Paris (just another reason why Paris was the place to be in the 20s!); 1968 Winter Games in Grenoble; and 1992 Winter Games in Albertville.

I’d say France is due to host again soon, wouldn’t you? Rumor has it they’re planning a bid for either Paris or Nice for the 2024 Summer Games. If they win, I am so there.

Here are some sporty things to say in French:

Je vais au le stade olympique.
I am going to the Olympic stadium.

Je vais pour l’équipe française.
I am going for (rooting for) the French team.

Mon sport préféré est le ski.
My favorite sport is skiing.

Son sport préféré est le patinage artistique.
His/her favorite sport is figure skating.

J’aime jouer au hockey sur glace.
I like to play ice hockey.

Il est sur les podiums.
He is a medal winner. (He is “on the podiums.” Je t’aime!)

Elle a remporté une médaille d’or.
She won a gold medal.

Il a remporté une médaille d’argent.
He won a silver medal.


Andrée Joly and Pierre Brunet of France, bronze medallists in pairs figure skating in Chamonix, 1924

Ils ont remporté une médaille de bronze.
They won a bronze medal.

Que le meilleur gagne.
May the best win.


3 thoughts on “French at the Olympics

  1. Soar Vandergeid

    Sorry for yelping like that but I really couldn’t help myself, I just saw something horrible…
    It’s not ” ‘au le’ stade olympique” its just “au stade olympique”, you never place “au” before “le” because it’s already the contraction of “à le” (“at the”, which we don’t say or write but replace by “au”).
    Sorry, I just couldn’t pass by and not react to this.

    Also I think it would be more accurate to say “sur le podium” instead of “sur les” if you mean on only one podium as opposed to someone who would be on multiple podiums. And “rooting” would be better translated in “soutenir” (“je soutiens l’équipe française”) or “encourager” (“j’encourage l’équipe française”) instead of “je vais”, that would be used only for “I go” as in “I’m moving towards”. Like when you go to the store.

    Sorry for starting by the mistakes but I just couldn’t prevent myself from pointing them out.

    Anyways, it’s a really interesting idea for a blog. I’m French, so I don’t really need to learn it (:P), but I think I’ll come back quite often to improve my English because it’s not as good as I wish it would be… 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. writemybrainsout Post author

      Merci, Professor! I read “sur les” in a French article, so assumed it was correct. (Fun English fact: “rooting” is something quite naughty to my Aussie husband, but standard sports-speak in the US!)
      I keep messing up the articles, but I’ll get there! I’ve only been learning for about 6 weeks, so be patient.
      “Encourager” is a nice word. T’encourage. (correct?)



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