Les jours de la semaine

The days of the week.

Monday – lundi – lunes
Tuesday – mardi – martes
Wednesday – mercredi – miercoles
Thursday – jeudi – jueves
Friday – vendredi – viernes
Saturday – samedi – sabado
Sunday – dimanche – domingo

When I was young, I wanted to take French. Always. But it was never available. It conflicted with my schedule one semester, the class was too full the next. I ended up in Spanish. It was a disappointment from junior high all the way through college.

But the cool thing is, I ended up marrying a Spanish guy. Whether you believe c’est notre destin d’être ensemble (it is our destiny to be together) or it was just sheer coincidence, you gotta admit that worked out pretty well.

What also works out neatly is how many cognates (words that are similar or the same in two languages) there are between French and Spanish. Sometimes I recognize a word because I already learned it ¡en español! Yay.

Now, a few tidbits about los dias de la semana, les jours de la semaine.

  • Day names are not capitalized in French (or Spanish). You know, I don’t think they capitalize “french,” either.
  • Days are masculine so sometimes you see the article “le” especially when talking about recurring activities.

J’ecris le vendredi.
I write on Fridays.

  • For one-off occurrences, there is no article.

Le chat a mangé un oiseau lundi.
The cat ate a bird (on) Monday.

Henri Wanted

Mauvais chat, Henri. Bad cat.


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