Duolingo: French


Duolingo is a cool website and app for learning several common foreign languages. Henri and I use it for French, but perhaps German, Italian and Portuguese are in our future!

Each lesson covers a few words. You translate from English to French, then French to English. You choose photos that correspond to words. You even get to speak into the microphone and have your pronunciation trashed assessed.

This is a great French app to start out with: easy to navigate, fun, and it gets you reading, writing, listening and speaking in equal measure.

Coach duolingoIt’s like playing a game. A little green owl coaches you. He sends emails or push notifications to remind you to stay on track. You collect gems called lingots as you progress through the lessons, which you can use to buy fun things. Formal attire for Coach? Mais oui. You can challenge friends to learn along with you and “compete” with each other. And there’s cool trumpet music to celebrate each time you complete a section.

My kids (ages 4 to 12) love it.

My favorite sentence so far is:
Je suis une femme, et tu est un garçon.
I am a woman, and you are a boy.

Note: There have been a couple of instances where the definitions given for a word are incorrect. La soupe in French is “the soup.” (Surprise!)



4 thoughts on “Duolingo: French

  1. microrrelatososhortstories

    I’ve studied at the Alliance Francaise and about a year ago gave duolingo a try…till I forgot all about it 😦 I love the language, despite people telling me I’ll never use it… that I should try Mandarin…. jajajaaa someday, when I learn French, not before then… I know I’ll love your blog Mame!!! xo Alexandra


    1. writemybrainsout Post author

      So cool that you studied French. We have some fun things in common. =)
      I read a recent article (New Yorker, maybe?) that also suggested Mandarin was a better choice. But I’m a francophile at heart! Plus, it’s turning out to be easier than I thought… so many cognados come in very handy.


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