I don’t speak French… yet.

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

But can an old chatte learn a new langue? Let’s hope so!

Je ne parle pas français… mais. I don’t speak French… yet. (Neither does the cat. He just likes how he looks in the beret.)

The purpose of this site is to collect useful and interesting stuff related to learning French.

Here’s the tentative posting schedule:

  • Lundi: livres (books) & learning tools
  • Mardi: le monde moderne (le pop culture)
  • Mercredi: mots (words) et marks (pronunciation, cognates, accent marks)
  • Jeudi: J’ai une surprise!
  • Vendredi: verbes, voyelles, et vocab

If you’re also a student of the language of love, join me. If you see mistakes, school me. If I like you, you may pet me. All comments – English, French, even catty remarks – are welcome.



3 thoughts on “I don’t speak French… yet.

  1. Soar Vandergeid

    Argh! (again :P)
    Um, I really don’t want to seem annoying (sorry if I am… x) ) but it’s not “mais” for “yet”, in this sentence it would be “encore”. It is “mais” when you use “yet” as “but”. Mais here (:P) it would actually be “encore” because it’s time related, “it has not yet been done”, “ça n’a pas encore été fait”.
    I don’t know if I’m really clear but I was face with that problem when I learned english, there are so many words that you can use to translate only one from one language to the other and each one is used in specific conditions… It’s a hellish process to learn how to speak another language perfectly… T_T (especially French, I don’t want to brag but, I find it way more complicated in the grammar departement than English :P)

    Oh, almost forgot! I your example here it would be “Je ne parles pas encore français.” but if you really want to place it at the end of the sentence you can always say “Je ne parles pas français, pas encore.” (I don’t speak French, not yet.) as you wriggle your eyebrows mischievously… 😛


    1. writemybrainsout Post author

      Encore! Got it.
      I was about to fix my mistakes, but I think I’ll leave them up there so your comment makes good sense to anyone else who comes along to read.
      It is true, there are unfortunate breakdowns when there’s a word in one language without a soulmate in the other. I met a German friend once who said there was a word in German which meant more than friendship but not quite romantic love. Wish I knew that word. It sounds lovely =*)
      Going to go work on my eyebrow wriggling now…



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